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Looking for more information about wildlife photography? Looking to learn how to take that perfect picture perhaps? You’ll find many resources here dedicated to one of the main mission of this website–to teach others the art capturing all the beauty that nature has to offer.


Detailed reviews of photography equipment. Recommendations from seasoned pros and enthusiasts. Get the most for your gear, and the best out of your money.


You protect what you love. Every day, the very beauty we strive to capture on camera is put at risk from ignorance, carelessness and sometimes, just total disregard. Defenseless wildlife such as the squirrel you are seeing here are in constant danger due part carelessness, and largely ignorance. Harmful pesticides used in attempts to control mice and rodents endanger their very existence on a regular basis. Trash and litter threaten their well-being. In selfish attempts to make our lives easier, we put the safety and well-being of mother nature’s beauty at risk.

You give back what you take; in return for the beauty nature and it’s wildlife provides us, we should strive to do our very best to preserve and protect. All it takes to give back is a few minutes of your time to help spread awareness–spread the word. The more we can educate others, the less likely someone will unknowingly cause harm to wildlife. For each “perfect” shot you get, spread the word to one person.


That “perfect shot” deserves to be seen. Share your work for others to see, and in return, gain exposure. Even better, release your work to the public and gain an even greater satisfaction and appreciation.

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